The Top 5 Beach Friendly Hairstyles

Published: 19th July 2010
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Taking a trip to the beach requires some serious preparation.

You have to pick your fave bathing suit and cover-up and make

sure they match. Next is packing your beach bag, which means

not forgetting the all-important sunscreen. And of course you

have to do something with your hair. You want your look to be

cute and functional enough so that it won't get ruined by the

humidity and water. Lucky for you, these hot looks of the

season don't require too much energy and they'll keep you

looking and feeling cool.

1. Loose Waves - Think ocean waves with this style, as your

locks will flow in the wind. The only thing that this hairstyle

requires is a little prep time the night before. Spray your hair

with water, and divide into 5 sections. Braid each section, and

keep them tie as you sleep the nigh away. Undo the braids the

next morning, and you'll be left with sexy beach waves.

2. Messy Bun - This is probably the easiest look on the list.

Take all your hair and tie it up as if you were going to workout,

or let's say that you have 10 seconds to put it in a bun.

Basically, make this bun quick and don't try to redo it. This look

is easy to produce, and it won't matter if you mess up a little.

It's supposed to be messy!

3. Headband It - Gather your hair back with a plastic

headband. This looks is mostly for short hair because the longer

your hair is, the more likely it'll hit the water once you start

swimming. If you do have lengthier locks, tie them into a high

bun. Shorter hair can rest easy in this case with the headband.

4. Stunning Ponytail - This high updo is a frizz-proof beach

look, so change it up a bit to make it a little more fun. Braiding

the ponytail says girlish charm, as does dividing it into multiple

sections with hair ties. Since the hair in the pony tail will be

fastened, either with braid or hair tie, all that yucky frizz will be


5. Half It - Summer weather makes this hairstyle come alive.

Pull back a small section, starting from right above your ears.

Pump the section up a little bit by teasing it, and secure it

loosely with a clip or hair tie. If you're hair is naturally wavy,

scrunch the ends with mousse or hair spray.

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