The Bald Truth: 9 Facts about Male-Pattern Baldness

Published: 07th June 2010
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We wish it was a myth, but the truth is that male-pattern

baldness is real and affects two out of three men in America,

according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Also called

common baldness, or to be more scientific, androgenetic

alopecia, this type of baldness is the most common cause of hair

loss in men.

1. It's All Relative - Take a look at your father and

grandfathers if you're beginning to wonder if male-pattern

baldness is in your future. It's largely an inherited trait.

2. The Early Bird...Tends To Lose More Hair - Are you starting

to notice that you're losing hair more frequently even though

you are younger than other males who still have their hair? If

so, chances are that you are more likely to develop more

extensive baldness over time.

3. The Top of the Head - In common baldness, men typically

first notice a receding hair line, followed by baldness on the top

of the head.

4. Don't Worry About Hair Products - One hair loss myth that

needs to be eliminated involves hair gels and spray. These

products don't actually contain any active ingredients that would

incite male baldness. If you're still concerned about the products

you are using, switch to more natural-based gels that contain

Aloe Vera.

5. The Test You Can See - This is one of the easiest

diagnoses your doctor will ever have to make. Male-pattern

baldness is detected based purely on the appearance and

pattern of the hair loss. Other atypical hair loss may be caused

by a medical disorder and requires a more specific test to

determine the cause.

6. The Easiest Treatment - Disguises are available, of course.

Hair pieces are a cheap way to hide the baldness. However, the

reality is that if you are comfortable with your appearance than

you should seriously forget about treatment. You'll still look


7. Minoxidil - Otherwise known as Rogaine, this drug is

applied directly to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles. It's

been proven to slow hair loss for many men, while some have

even claimed to grow new hair. Ceasing the treatment will

cause the hair loss to return.

8. Finasteride -- This prescription pill is also called Propecia.It

inhibits the production of the male hormone

dihydrotestosterone. Similar to Rogaine, men are more likely to

decrease the rate of hair loss through this treatment. New hair

growth is rarer. The good news is that this drug is generally

more effective than Rogaine. Ceasing the treatment will cause

the hair loss to return.

9. No Jumping the Gun - So far, no prevention technique has

been discovered to inhibit the onset of male pattern baldness.

What the future holds for hair loss is still unknown.

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